Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Brief Girly Moment

I am about as not girly as it gets. Many modern men are more girly than I am. In fact it is a surprise quite often to many, that I am both exclusively heterosexual and fertile. Tis a puzzlement.

But I am a girl. I may not do anything with my hair apart from dying it, but I do wash it. And the rest of me.

For the last 25+ years I've been on a quest for a good, matching shampoo & conditioner and shower gel.

I used to have it. When I was a teen I used V05 apple shampoo, anyone remember that? Then, in Germany I found a shower gel that matched it perfectly. In England the only place I could get it was Harrods, how posh is that. But I would go in there just for that, and occasionally some bits from the art department. I was quite potty about Winsor & Newton inks.

Anyway, they stopped making the apple V05, and ever since, I've been trying to find a replacement "set".

Found it.

Sorry Americans, you can't buy it.

Well, you can probably buy the shower gel, it's the rose one from Olay. I should imagine that's available for you down there.

But you can't get President's Choice products. They belong to Canadian supermarket chain Loblaw's Inc.

They do a shampoo and conditioner with no other name, just PC, and I bought the hydrating variety. Not only does the smell compliment the rose shower gel, it does a fantastic job on my slighly dry and wavy hair.

Right. So I've passed that on. It'll probably be the only girly thing from me in months.


  1. I ran into the same issue with hair conditioners for men. There was a non-greasy one called Vitalis® that I have used since my brains began pushing up thru my hair so many ├Žons ago. I tried another well known brand in a tube.
    That well plastered look from the 40's returned, and I smelled like lanolin. I am trying to see if I can't find it online, being that I only need a bottle every two years.

    1. Some of them feel like using butter. It is a real trial and error process, becauseeveryone is different, right? That's why there are choices.

  2. Ahhh..I will try it because I have been looking for the same. My old favourite was made by Jergens - "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific".. stupid name, but yes it smelled terrific and it kept my hair looking really shiny, healthy and kept all that flyaway crap down..

    I do like the Aveeno ones that came out last year, but at $8 a bottle, its a wee bit rich for my wallet.

    1. It's all getting so expensive lately, but most of the cheap ones are rubbish. I thought a store brand was worth a try, I was delighted with the result, and discovering it matched my favourite shower gel was just a bonus!