Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snowed Under

I love a pun, I do. So this really is about being snowed under in the nicest possible way. But there's plenty of real snow too. Which I don't have to go out in, so I can watch it out the window and not care.

I love symbolism too. Dreams of snow are portends of plenty. When you dream of snow in early September for example, you mustn't be scared that it's predicting bad weather, it's actually all about a bountiful harvest.

So I woke this morning to a raging blizzard. What I didn't see was the thunder and lightning during the night, which woke Martin, and was quite spectacular by all accounts. I was out cold and missed that completely. Reason I was in such a deep sleep, I think, was going to bed late after a busy day.

Early yesterday that clumsy great oaf of a dog, Bowser, had unplugged my computer by tripping on the cable for the umpteenth time, and I'd had enough. I did a Melanie (i.e. I'm known for spontaneity) and decided that RIGHT NOW the entire office was being completely reorganized. Everything out. So we emptied the room, then put it all back, tidy, and with cables out of dog reach, all before 11am. It was a whirlwind of activity, and allowed me to get on with......

Last Monday, without prior warning, as it their wont, eBay suddenly told me that all auction listings were free this week. That is too good an opportunity to miss, so I sent virtually every store item to auction. More than once. By the end of the offer last night I'd actually had 1500 auctions. About 20% of that sold, which is my usual percentage, but of course that's still a lot of orders. So I am happily very, very busy indeed.

Keeps me out of mischief anyway.

It occurred to me while, or maybe just after we did the office, that you might like to see how it looks, in case you wondered.

Compact, huh? In fact it could fit into a vehicle. Occasionally I have dreams of putting it all into a vardo. But not in this weather.


  1. It is very compact and well organized. I love it.

    I heard no thunderstorms either, but the wind woke me multiple times with its howling.

  2. I love that it looks nice and bright.

    1. I loves me golden walls:) It's a Feng Shui thing, to attract business, LOL.

  3. It looks very organised. You must have been incredibly busy listing that amount! I do wish they would give more advanced notice of free listing days. Right now, I am only really listing when it is free. I wish you luck in getting them all sent out.

    1. Check the latest rules, it varies from country to country. HERE, so long as you don't have a store, the first 50 listings a month are free, every single month.

      They rarely give much notice of other special events like this. I think it's deliberate.

      I have all sorts of ways of doing listings faster, using Turbo Lister, Selling Manager etc, so it's not as hard as it looks!