Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Various and Sundry

I had this plan, y'see, to stay as busy as humanly possible in January and February to make winter fly by. It's working. I lift my head up from the to-do list after breakfast, and discover it's almost time to cook dinner. It's a self-created to-do list, and it includes fun things. However, family members have noticed evidence of a certain level of deleterious effects:)

For example, Tyler asked me to order some things for him on Amazon. He put them in the cart, then reminded me repeatedly that I actually had to order them. Eventually I reached that task on the to-do list and clicked the right buttons. Next day (ish) he asked me "Did you order my movies?" and my reply (to his horror) was "What movies?". I could tell by the look on his face that this was not the right answer, so I scanned the "REQUESTS FROM TYLER" section of my memory, and then realised he meant the things from Amazon. Ah yes. All ordered and on their way. He gave me another funny look, and asked "Are you SURE you ordered them?". "Well, I found 3 things in my cart and clicked stuff, and...oh...so it was movies was it.....?"

He relaxed after they arrived.

I'm not usually that scattered, you see. People don't expect it. I'm usually on top of everything, but I prioritize. Things not requiring massive amounts of attention don't get it. And as far as I was concerned, mission was accomplished, and whatever it is was, was ordered.

Sunday I decided to devote the day, mainly, to making boxer shorts for the gremlins, and managed to finish two pairs before my sewing machine started doing weird stuff, or weirder than usual stuff. I've noticed it hasn't been right for a while. Martin had a look at it a few months ago but there was nothing obviously wrong, so I think it needs a proper sewing machine mechanic, or possibly to be thrown from a high building. It is 9 years old, but they don't make them like they used to, and it's had a rough life. If repairing it will be expensive I may as well replace it. Hey ho.

So, anyway, not having quite enough to do I started another online course. Yes, you heard me. My husband rolled his eyes, but he just wants me to be happy so he says nothing. Tom started his first one and is really enjoying it. He's doing Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World. It's a Humanities course, not a writer's course, but he thinks it will really help his writing.

Me, I decided to do Introduction to Philosophy. Believe it or not I've never actually studied philosophy at any level before - I've read works by philosophers, oh plenty of those, but never looked under the hood, as it were. I thought it was about time. It's a short simple course, so a third one wasn't a big deal.

I did better on my weekly Genetics and Evolution test, 70%. Still not as high as I'd like, but I'm not expecting  to do brilliantly because of the high number of mathematical questions. Basically I get the general concept questions correct and not so much the mathematical ones. As I "get" the concept (the important thing) this isn't a big deal, it's not like I'm ever going to be a geneticist.

The more I study it, the more obvious it all is, and the more stupid people who don't believe in evolution look. This could create social challenges, but I'll soldier on...............

In Global History this week I'm doing South American revolutions, and realising just how much I didn't know. OK, I'm not a historian. But as a person who has always loved and studied history, how did I miss so much? I have come to the conclusion that it's simply taught/presented very badly. Far too many people think it's not important, and nobody bothers. The only people paying any attention are those already interested, and there's no effort being made to get people interested. They don't see it as relevant, apparently. The word for this course is illuminating. Which is the whole point of looking at the story behind anything, and this is the story behind now. If that's not relevant, I don't know what is.

OK, I'll shut up. When the weather improves I'll be more interesting.


  1. Glad to see you and Tom are enjoying your classes. I managed week one okay (although I cannot help but feel I'm missing something in the assignment), and now week two is twice the fun. I'm hoping to keep up okay (fingers crossed).

    Not that many people "get" that I'm taking classes, even though I've told them. I guess I'll have to keep mentioning it too. :) ~ Blessings!

    1. I find my friends don't understand why I'm doing it when there's no "pay off". No diploma. Work with no reward, as it were. When I say it's for pleasure I get funny reactions.

  2. I am cheering you on. Indeed, YOU muddled doesn't sound right! love the idea of learning for its own sake. I just don't quite have the energy right now. MD says it can be a year, don't fret, it has only been half.

  3. That's right, give it time. You went through such a lot all at the same time. You have to heal three ways:) But yes, it is learning for its own sake, and it seems some people (and these are educated people) don't understand. Oh well. Their loss.

  4. I have heard more people complaining about sewing machines not working properly lately. Here in the US it is all due to thread quality as I guess finding quality thread for sale in the US lately is next to impossible and sewing machines don't like the thread sold in stores.

    I keep thinking I should take some online courses, but it is late in the semester now so maybe next fall. I am not good at committing myself to learning things

    1. Well, we did wonder about the thread. It's not cheap stuff though, it's Coats. Never used to have this problem. Still, worth a try. I'll buy some posh thread and can at least rule that out.

      These courses are mostly short (mine range from 3 weeks to 15 weeks, with most around 6-7) and they start at all different times, there's no summer off, LOL. But yes, obviously there is a commitment factor. On the other hand if you start and give up, there's no penalty, it cost nothing, you've lost nothing. I find it addictive, so I have the opposite problem.