Wednesday, 27 February 2013


We were promised a storm and we got one. There wasn't really  much came down, maybe five inches, but the wind was in architecture mode and as fast as it fell, it collected in dunes.

We went to bed, and just before midnight were woken by flashing lights right outside. There was a car and a tow truck making hard work of it. We watched for a bit, then I went downstairs to get a drink. Tom was still up, and told me all about it.

The car had hit a drift at the end of our drive and stopped. His wheels were off the ground. Tom had gone out to try to help him but they couldn't do anything, so he called the tow truck, who winched him off. Had he woken us, Martin could have got the tractor, but Tom still hasn't quite got the hang of what constitutes a Dad-waking emergency. We'll discuss that. Nevertheless, I am extremely proud of my boy for offering assistance to a stranded stranger. May have more details on that later.

I was woken this morning by the sound of a heavy engine revving, looked out the window and it was a snowplough, fighting with the same drift which by now was a monster, about 5 feet high. After about 20 attempts he finally got through, but it was iffy there for a bit.

The drifts are sculpted and really qute amazing. This is what formed round the truck:

So today will be digging day. Tyler will be busy clearing people's drives etc, as and when he can get into town. At least the roads are being cleared. Now we just have to dig out the driveway. This is where we kiss the tractor. With a snowblower it would take hours. With a shovel? Forget it.


  1. Yesterday I dug out the van and cleared the driveway. I knew I needed to go someplace today. I thought there would be another snow day so Bunky's car still has drifts around it up to the bottom of the windows and he has to dig out and go to school today. Actually he has to leave in 20 minutes and he still isn't dressed. This should be fun to watch.

  2. It'll do him good, they have to learn.

  3. The last winter I spent in Colorado, I shoveled out a blizzard five weekends in a row. That spring, I put the snow-blower in the back of my battered old pickup, and started south. Finally, gassing up near Austin, Texas, a man asked me with a long Texas drawl; "Whut's that thang?"

    I looked up a local realtor there.

    That's my story, and I am sticking with it!

  4. Your Tom is such a treasure. Funny stuff, snow. Amazing how REAL and material it is, as you see, creating obstacles and burying people and all that, and then in spring, it goes away! It is snowing gently as I type this, but supposed to turn to rain later on.

  5. I was looking forward all day to see how the plow truck made out. :) I share in your pride of Tom's helpfulness. If it were my son witnessing some incident outside our house, I would have been awakened to deal with it. Wonderful head Tom has on his shoulders. :)

    Also happy you have the tractor to dig your way out. Definitely easier than the trusty shovel. ~ Blessings! :)