Friday, 22 March 2013


Nothing deep today, you'll be relieved to hear. This is just waffly journal stuff. The boys are fighting over the bathroom, and I'm leaving them to it.

It has snowed all week. All week. It started Monday and it's still doing it. We managed to avoid a snow day, but the ploughs have been kept busy, and so has Tom. He has lost count of how many times he's cleared the path, and the walls of snow either side of it are above his knees. And he's 6' 4". It's got to stop soon. This time last year I had peas in the ground. When it thaws the fields will turn to lakes.

My indoor cat, Jeff, is a bit too clever for his own good. He's one of those "talking" cats. I don't mean he speaks English, but when he wants something he speaks cat at you, and then leaves you in absolutely no doubt what he wants. This is straightforward communication. He walks up to me, speaks, and then waits for me to follow him. He then leads me to the place of importance. This morning it was the dog bowls under the kitchen table. Yeah, I get it. You want something to eat that isn't cat food. There's cat food in the basement. If that runs out he leads me to the basement stairs. It's different. So he has a bowl of gravy left over from dinner last night and he's happy.

I am staff.

My neighbour has been supplying us with hay all winter, at a very fair price. When we got the latest bail he told me it would be the last one, as the remaining bales are all sold to somebody else. This leaves us in a bit of a situation, finding a hay source suddenly in March is a bit tricky, as arrangements are normally made in the Fall, and so I have to make a phone call this morning and keep my fingers crossed. It may only be a few weeks until we have pasture, but that's a few weeks, so I have to find some somewhere. Prices generally this winter have been high and we may have to pay quite a bit for it. We need a good season this year for hay and grain, or we are all going to feel it next winter. If you think food prices are high now, you just wait. Please support local farmers by buying direct, if at all possible.

As some of you noticed, I started a separate blog to waffle about my studies, so I don't bore you with it here. Some of my friends mentioned that I hadn't blogged in a few days. I do, I blog every day, usually more than once, I've just got it spread over several blogs. It's an organizational thing.

Food goes here:
Studies go here:
Gardening (not much happening) here:

There's another one at Word Press, but not much there yet.

We are trying out Bebo, and it's crap. It serves a purpose for private communication among those who need it, but the format is a mess, comments are in several different places and don't connect up, e-mail notifications don't arrive and the whole thing is amateur. Is there NOTHING online that works like Multiply used to? Or is that too much to ask. I don't mind paying. I just want a place that works well for blogging AND bantering. This is a great blog site, so is Word Press, they are really nice for blogging. They suck for bantering. It's a good thing I like talking to myself, because that's what it feels like most of the time. Facebook saves me from lack of social contact, so I just link my blogs there, and a limited amount of discussion can occur. And whatever you say about Facebook, its notification system WORKS.

Anyway, life is good, I'm keeping busy, the weather WILL get better, and I'll see you at Facebook.


  1. Ya, BEBO sucks. And it is hard to find a good blogging platform. I've stopped blogging because of that. Things were pretty darn good at Yahoo 360 and then that fell apart. Things were pretty good at Multiply and that fell apart. I know a lot of people who are tired of trying to save their old blogs and connections to friends on platforms that falter. It pretty much takes the fun out of things.

    1. I have all my old blogs safe, and anything else that I valued. But I like blogging, it's a sort of brain dump. If nobody reads it, well, then nobody reads it. But if they do, and if a discussion arises, it needs to be doable. That's where this fails miserably. I was only at 360 a short while, and don't really remember it, to be honest. Multiply had its quirks but it was a good basic system. There were several threats of people creating a lookalike but I have seen nothing.

  2. Out of all the sites we have tried, Bebo has worked the best for me. I use my phone a lot (at work and such) and Bebo is one of the few that I have been able to easily access blogs. I'm having a hell of a time with google (anything) on my phone. Even trying to load apps is nearly impossible. No matter how many times I try, it keeps telling me my password is wrong. One day I may take it in and get someone to fix it.

    1. And this is the problem with trying to create a replacement site. Let's say I had the skill to do it (which I don't) I would be dealing with so many different requirements and preferences.