Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Wake Me When It's Over

It would be so nice here to say that I'm so opposed to violence, that I refuse to watch "acted" violence on principle. But it wouldn't be true. One of my favourite movies is "Once Upon A Time In Mexico". And I really enjoyed "Kill Bill" too. I had no problem with the punch-up in "Sherlock Holmes" (2009) and let's be perfectly clear here - if you swing at me, I'll swing back.

No, I don't approve of violence but if it's necessary in self-defence, or if it's choreographed really well, that's fine.

But I cannot stand battle scenes on movies. They all go on too long, although frankly, the 2 minute ones are 1:59 minutes too long. It doesn't make any difference what sort of battle it is, be it orcs or spaceships, or just the jolly old cavalry. Let's just take that bit as read, and move on the story.

Why is this? Why is the action scene that everyone else looks forward to the part that bores me silly? It's not that I don't like action, I love a good car chase. It's probably more to do with my disinterest in sport. I fast-forward through Quidditch games too.

Sport just leaves me stone cold. It's supposed to be exciting, but it's just another battle. I wander off, find something to do.

And this probably goes some way to explain my lack of interest in most modern video games. They all involve fighting, one way or another. But again, please don't get any idea that I'm virtuous, and that it's against my principles. That would be nice, but I can't claim it. I just can't be bothered. It's repetitive, unsatisfying, and has absolutely no appeal.

Shooting things? Where's the fun in that? Give me a target, now that's worth shooting. There's a way of measuring skill. That's something that would amuse for for at least ten minutes.

I'd much rather paint the target. Or make the gun, come to think of it.

My drive is to create. Destruction is just too easy, and it only becomes interesting at all if there is art involved. There usually isn't.

There is something fundamentally not me about destruction. It's not pacifism, as much as I wish it were. It's just boredom.


  1. Wonderful stance to have on the whole destruction-through-competition thing, Mel. I agree with you and would much rather be on the creative end, too.

    Maybe we don't realize that created 'stuff' has its shelf life and dies slowly whether we have anything to do with it or not. We're a culture that enjoys helping death along in so many ways.

    I am with you on the skill side as well as the need to defend when required, but those scenes of widespread battle and destruction that lay waste to everything in one's path are just too extreme. Maybe I was a soldier in a past life or something, I don't know, but I can't see the point in reveling in the chaos no matter how it may be portrayed in the movies. ~ Blessings! :)

    1. I have wondered that. Have I seen it all before? The desensitization certainly works on the movie watcher.

  2. Love Warcraft, Skyrim and I'm a huge fan of Lord of the Rings. I play RPG's because I like the continuation aspect, the storytelling and if I get to kill a few Orcs, goblins and dragons? All the better! I assign people who annoy me to characters that I need to annihilate ;) Funny enough, I hated Kill Bill and regardless of Antonio Banderas, I couldn't stomach Once Upon a Time. Pulp Fiction made me sick. I don't do that kind of violence. In all honesty though, I do get bored with battle scenes, even Lord of the Rings. Braveheart was another movie where the battles bored me, except for the bare bum part.

    1. Have you seen Troy? It just goes on, and on, and on, and on.......

    2. No, I had a feeling that there would be too much of the battle thing.

  3. Smile. Same, with the exception of the occasional FIFA game, and then only if Margreet is here to explain and get excited. Since she has gone to a place where Ajax always wins, there is little hope for me as a sports fan. Tearful moment. I miss my sister. I remember sitting through the first Star Wars movie, that everyone was raving about, and with the exception of a few fun scenes it was this endless action movie, which I find, indeed, BORING.