Saturday, 15 June 2013

How To Read FSD (Facebook Status Double-Talk)

"I am really excited about......"

"I am really nervous about............"

"Don't judge me."

"I feel guilty about something."

A message justifying a lifestyle choice.

"I have really low self-esteem."

A message attempting to justify an obviously poor lifestyle choice.

"I need vindication from my dysfunctional peers."

A vague, generalized reference to negative behaviour.

"I really want to criticize somebody here, but unfortunately they will read this."

A random line from a song, that suggests (to those unfamiliar with the song) that something awful is happening.

"Ha ha ha. Made you worry about me."

A message full of typos.

"I am drunk."

"I am so happy, everything in my life is great!"

"I am as miserable as sin but I just read up on positive thinking."

"I love my wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend SO much!!!"

"We just had a huge argument. But it's fixed now. Well, for now anyway."

"I love my family SO MUCH!!"

They are normally highly dysfunctional, but they just surprised everyone by doing something good.

"I love my kids/grandchildren so much!!!"

"Actually they are as annoying as hell."

A list of what I achieved today.

"Normally I sit on my lazy arse and do nothing, so I'm showing off."

General negativity about my appearance or character.

"I am fishing for compliments."

A totally cryptic message.

"I am seeking attention."

A truly bizarre message.

"I am seeking attention in a very dysfunctional way."

A hint at suicide ideation.



  1. There is a storm raging. But you, safe on shore, have no need to fear it. You bolt your door and shut your windows fast. If someone drowns you can read about it in the morning paper. Why put to sea on a night like this?

    We found out fairly recently that we're trying to support someone with borderline personality disorder. When things are going smoothly she's a sweetheart. When things get out of balance nobody (and that includes me when it's really bad) wants to be involved.

    1. BPD is tough to deal with. I was on the board of a charity many years ago, and another board member had BPD. We tried really hard to be supportive, make accomodations for her, and we really, really tried, but we had to let her go. Which hurt her deeply. It was an agonizing decision, but it came down to the whole "blind pilot" theory, in the end.

  2. I've been guilty of a few of those. (sheepish grin)

    1. We all have. This very blog is an extended example of #5, if you think about it. The person who inspired it, however, is guilty of most of them, and on a regular basis.

  3. I agree with most of this...with the exceptions of "I love my husband"...because I do and sometimes I just want to shout it out to the whole world.. he really makes me so happy, it's hard to believe some days.

    And for me anyway..if I post about loving my family, its because i really do.. they might make me crazy at times, but they are mine and I love em... to bits.. And I don't mind saying so. On Facebook. Yep...