Friday, 14 June 2013

The Censorship Blog

Censor ME and regret it, fuckwads.

I shared a photo that had been removed from its original page.

It was a family, together, at the birth of a new baby, which appeared to be in a birthing pool, can't be certain. There were ZERO "iffy" body parts visible. Only faces and arms.. Nothing dodgy. The child was not covered in blood either. It was the sort of thing you could show your grandmother.

It was controversial only BECAUSE it had already been removed from another page. So I posted it. And my comment was "I dare to share this".

Today, a friend sent me a private message alerting me that it had been removed. That is, she tried to. But the message was censored. So, she found a way to alert me to this.

While we were discussing it, another item of mine was censored. I referred to Rick Perry as a fuckwad on a friend's post. The whole post vanished.

Strike 3.

Whether or not you object to Rick Perry, or photos of newborns is neither here nor there. While somebody is being PAID to remove such things, pages allowing JOKES ABOUT RAPE, etc, are still up. Despite Facebook assuring the public they weren't allowed.

Breastfeeding photos are REGULARLY removed from Facebook. Because feeding a child is disgusting.

Photos of women in poses designed to titilate are allowed.

Priorities folks. It's all about priorities.

I don't really blame Facebook, they just reflect the society we live in.

DON'T JUST SIT THERE. Do something.

You may post that if you wish.


  1. It was more likely the language used in the post rather than the actual content that prompted the removal, but you do have a very valid point. Support of natural behaviour such as breastfeeding, or condemnation of idiocy, should not require censoring.

    However as smart people realize, it's all a plot to glorify entertainment, hide the truth, and keep people from thinking for themselves.

  2. I have been too busy outside, hence the late reaction. Will have to take some time to go at this. Will keep you posted about what happens.