Monday, 15 July 2013

Helping The Scammers

You've all heard by now how Facebook pages troll for "likes" by showing pitiful photos of sick children or injured dogs. Then, when they have enough "likes" they sell the page for thousands of dollars.

You have been told many times now, by Snopes, me, other friends, and other websites that, no, Facebook DOESN'T give money to causes every time you "like" or "share", so you got wise to that, but you still click the "like" button when emotionally blackmailed to do so "just to raise awareness".

They couldn't get you one way, so they got you another way.

Then you got wise to that. And you said "I'm not a sucker. I learned. I won't be helping some scammer get money for a Facebook page with 100,000 likes, nor will I help the business who buys it get a fraudulent headstart, by having me and thousands of others already available to spam."

But you can't resist these, can you:

OH, but the answer is so easy and so obvious. You are so sure you're the only person who knows it, that you comment. "ARE" you say, and feel very pleased with yourself.

Do you not notice how many others give the same answer? Do you notice how many "likes" it's getting? How much attention, generally these pages get? They get attention because it takes seconds to show the would how good you are at answering questions a child of 6 could answer.

They couldn't prey on your sympathies, so they prey on your vanity instead.


  1. I've seen many of these and I ignore them. The only time I share a picture is if I can verify that it came from a legitimate source.

  2. Wait a minute--people get MONEY for this?! Really? I never knew there was some magic number. All I know is that I am, almost on a daily basis, asked to PAY money for boosting ads or to support some cause or other. :( Not that I am into that sort of thing, mind you, but still.....

    Are there really people receiving some sort of reward for generating these little memes that stamp a big "G" (as in 'gullible') on our foreheads? ;) ~ Blessings!