Friday, 6 September 2013

While I'm Here

I mentioned how Congo is a big country but I doubt many people know that. Many people (not YOU of course), are completely ignorant of many things about our world, and it's not entirely their fault. It's due to the emphasis placed on the parts of the world they care about.

I took some screen shots on Google Earth to help your perspective.

We'll begin with Africa, seeing as it's what inspired me.

Africa is a massive continent. Flat map projections make it look smaller than it is by distorting the width of of landmasses near the poles. But this is how Africa looks from a spaceship:

The Democratic (ha ha ha) Republic of the Congo occupies a large chunk in the centre, including most of the dark green.

But there are other ways of viewing the planet.

The south pole view:

The Indian Ocean view:

And the Pacific Ocean view:

This is why we call it a blue planet.

It's good to make the effort, regularly, to remember that our usual view is just one of many.