Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Misogyny is not all coming from men. Here's why.

A lot of misogyny is caused by lazy thinking. The status quo is easier than change. So there are plenty of misogynistic women - because they are lazy. Equality benefits men AND women, but the lazy thinkers can't see that far ahead.

It has been demonstrated that when a mixed gender team, panel, board, etc is exactly half male and half female, it is seen as being female-heavy. This is seen by the women as much as by the men.

While many women enjoy stories in which is lead character is female, they are just as likely to equally enjoy or actually prefer stories with a lead male character.

And among the humour here, some truths.

It's all because of WHAT WE ARE USED TO.

We are so used to all of these situations having a male bias, that when it is made equal, it looks strange. That's how skewed towards men our society is.

Out of habit women have become accustomed to being seen less, included less, laughed at less, read less, and understood less.

It is hard work to fight this. When you are laughed at and dismissed, over and over and over, it gets wearying. The same old lines get trotted out, the same stereotypes, the same assumptions.

And............Even the video clip above was from the regular version of the show, and much of the discussion cut out. If you take the time to watch this:

You'll see that two important points were left out. Why were they cut? Not funny enough.


  1. Oh, thank you for the QI references...trying to keep a serious subject lighthearted, are you?

    As with any situation, it is what we will allow. Not just the fact that we are accustomed to it, really; more that we choose not to change [yet], for a variety of reasons. When we see something really bothersome, our sense of change awakens. From personal experience, when we get 'sick and tired of being sick and tired,' the problem usually gives way to something more.

    There was a time, historically, when the Divine Feminine was upheld as a standard to be cherished, and that changed. I think our sense of appreciation kicks in at some point. Maybe it comes down to our sense of frustration? Women are very tolerant, but when we are threatened...? What we perceive as a threat may be different in each culture, too. I think of the many women who are not permitted to be seen. :(

    When is it enough? Fights for rights...voting/voice/representative, reproductive, education, milk production (the latest to be attacked) have brought us along a particular road of evolution. Women usually bring pioneering change--even though men often take the credit. Maybe it is ego, maybe it is the fact that change happens anyway--but finding equality in inequality is part of The Conundrum. ~ Blessings! :)

  2. I think a lot of truth can be found in humour:)

    What is perceived as a threat is the root of many issues. Change is scary, and most change is met with opposition because it is seen as a threat - to the status quo. But nobody EVER admits that. Nobody is ever brave enough to stand up and say "I'm just scared of change." They make excuses instead. "Civilization will collapse if women get the vote/wear trousers/go out to work." But they're not talkiing about civilization, just their own local, current culture, and change isn't collapse.