Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hey Girls!

In a hundred different places in recent times I've explained how I'm not a girly girl, quite the opposite. But I've also delighted in pointing out that you can't really put people in boxes, so you cannot assume that all girly girls like pink or hate getting dirty, for example, nor can you assume that tomboys can't paint nails. (Q.V. Eddie Izzard)

So, for something completely different on this blog, I want to show you something to illustrate some things.

This is an untouched photo of the ring finger of my right hand.

Notice first that it's virtually perfect. Thank you. It's not just that I'm showing off my painting skills, I'd like to show just how bloody awful many of the photos of nail polish you see online are. If I can do that, with my non-dominant hand, quickly, and for no reason other than I wanted to (i.e. it's not being used for financial gain) why can't these so-called experts do such a good job? HMM?

OK, so that's just me preening, but really. I constantly roll my eyes at the bad work out there and some of those responsible are professionals. I'm not impressed. It really makes no difference to me, but I think professional standards are pretty poor.

I should also point out that this is a winter phenomenon. As a gardener, my nails all get broken in spring, and have no hope of looking nice again until winter, and even during that time my left thumbnail is permanently grooved from jewellery-making. Anyway, I make the most of having nails to paint in winter.

I have no idea how people can do most work with nails. If mine get any longer than this I can't type, and in fact it's only been allowed to grow this long as my phone isn't working, so I'm not texting. When I see women with nails longer than this, they look handicapped. And this is especially true if they look like this:

How the hell can she wipe her arse?

Somebody had to ask. May as well be me. 

I'm sorry but that's just fucking ugly. And I've seen worse. 

If she were a singer, or maybe a stripper, it would make some sort of sense, but I've seen working class women in supermarkets with nails like that. None of my business, of course, but if she thinks that is attractive? Sorry love. 

Unless they are kept really, really short, those square ended nails always look stupid. 

I cannot be persuaded otherwise. That's my opinion, and as valid as any other.

But there is something even worse than flat ended.

What the hell is this?


You don't have to agree with me, and I'll ignore you if you disagree with me, this is just a get-it-off-my-chest blog post.

OK I'm done.

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