Thursday, 27 March 2014

God Hates Tomboys

It would be easy to get angry about the following story:

But anger doesn't solve anything, the child is fine, in good care, and happy in her new school.

Still, I have to discuss this because I was that type of child, and in case you missed it, I've discussed this at length before:

What I'd like to say is this - this school doesn't know what it's talking about.

Define feminine. Go on, I dare you.

A few years ago on a forum, I was talking to a man who was a transvestite. I have no issues with transvestites in principle, and I want to make that very clear. However, we got into a huge argument because he said "I bet I am more feminine than you", and I said "Define feminine?" and he listed certain items and styles of clothing.

I said "You are correct in that these are not things I would wear, but that is only clothing, it doesn't define you or me". And we talked past each other for some time until I gave up, because he was so certain he knew what feminine meant, except he couldn't define it.

There is this idea that a skirt is feminine. I dare you to say that out loud, right to the face of a burly Scotsman in a kilt. I hope you have good dentist if you do.

Don't tell me it's different, and don't you dare say "You know what I mean" because these are just cop outs.

Let me tell you this. If you lived in a society where men wore skirts and women wore pants, with no exceptions, you'd "know" that this was "right and proper" and the way it should be. Because what counts as male attire or female attire is based WHOLLY ON FASHION.

When somebody says that it's got anything to do with God then I know it's complete and utter bollocks, because in Bible times


Is that plain enough? They also had long hair, wore as much jewellery as women, the same shoes as women, and the same headgear as women. 

Now, I am a great fan of a certain religious group of people, and that's the Mennonites, because they are wonderful people, but they have have some very illogical ideas. They have very strict rules about what they wear, and there's absolutely no way of mistaking a man for a woman, not even at a distance. This is based on 19th century fashions. People in the Bible didn't dress like that. No, they chose a period in history, and put the brakes on, right there. 

It's the same in Islam, it's the same in Judaism. What they claim to be correct clothing for men or women is based on a fashion which is actually comparatively recent. 

This whole idea about telling people how to dress is based on arbitrary ideas. There is zero rationality behind it at all.

This is even before you get to the idea of modesty, which has its own problems (it's all relative, for a start), but you can't even use that as an excuse when a girl is in a sweatshirt and jeans.

No, this is all about control and nothing more. That's all this is ever about. Control, control, control. 

Grow up humanity. 


  1. I wore my hair short like the girl from the religious school story up until my teens. I wear t-shirts and jeans (mens in fact because I found them to be more durable). I have never, in my life, worn heels. I spent my allowance on Hot Wheels cars. Mud was my favorite toy. I never was confused about my gender and I have never found women to be attractive in a romantic or sexual manner.
    The only transvestite male I have ever really known was a married man. He didn't find men attractive and I honestly believe he really didn't. But he felt comfortable in dresses and make up. I only saw him in a dress once as the relationship we had was a professional.

    1. Well, that's another possibility with this church school. They associate clothes with sexuality which is totally bogus. Some tomboys are lesbians, but most aren't, and I don't have any data, but my instincts are that the percentage of lesbians among tomboys is no greater than in the population as a whole.

  2. Before getting into an argument about 'feminine' I would want my opponent to define the term. Tiring. Agreed, this boils down to "what my group deems appropriate for a female", ergo, control. I have always enjoyed being female, but have never been good at being lady like. I do not feel less of a woman.

    1. I feel most "WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR" when I'm doing stuff NOT considered ladylike, actually.