Tuesday, 29 April 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different

It has been announced today that Craig Ferguson will leave the "The Late Late Show" and it was announced recently that Stephen Colbert will be taking over from David Letterman in his show. All change, they say.

I am unmoved. I vaguely recall watching Letterman a few times, have only seen the odd snippet of Ferguson on You Tube. These familiar faces of daily TV light entertainment hardly touched my life. Even when we had TV we watched other things instead, never really bothering with the mainstream stuff. We weren't trying to be clever, we just found it boring.

I've nothing against celebrities. I know it's trendy to poke fun at them, and these short interviews tend to be pointless but occasionally they must be funny or these shows wouldn't be such a huge success. It's just not my thing. Nothing personal.

Or, to put it another way, it's not them, it's me. I'm a weirdo.

I could quickly and easily draw up a list of 100 ultra popular things that leave me absolutely stone cold. (I won't, for your sake.) Right at the top would be fashion, although pop culture might vie for that position.

If it were not for the internet I would probably be even more out of touch and eccentric. As it is, if it isn't on Facebook, chances are I'll miss it.

I have never heard Justin Bieber sing. I don't go anywhere he would be played. I don't feel I'm missing anything, and have zero intention of seeking it out. This applies to a number of other top stars. Some of them are just names. Apparently there's a woman called Katy Perry who sings. If she knocked on my door right now I wouldn't recognize her. I don't even know what race she is.

And I am perfectly happy with this situation. I live a very rich and fulfilling life, and it's not all serious stuff, I have a lot of fun.

It's not age either. I have always been choosy about media and have never followed trends. When I was "that" age in school that girls are supposed to be ultra self-conscious and insecure I just did as I pleased, and if other people didn't like it that was their problem. But I wasn't a carefully styled freak either, which is just pretentious.

The other day I looked up the definition of "hipster" on Urban Dictionary. That's an interesting read if you have 5 minutes, as the different entries are very opinionated. It cleared up a few things that had puzzled me, and then it gave me a chuckle as I realised I was pretty much "researching Muggles". The funny thing about hipsters is that they are easily recognizable - in their efforts to be alternative they've created their own style, which ends up making them all look the same.

I'm too lazy to wear complicated clothes, and accessories just annoy me. I wish I wasn't such a minimalist because it gives the wrong impression, but then it's fun to see the reactions of people who find my personality expontentially more colourful than they expected, which sometimes pleases them and sometimes....oh well, can't win 'em all.

Yesterday the dog tag lady came from the township to do the annual paperwork, and hand me a bil for $80 for 4 bits of alloy, but she left here in fits of laughter and thanked me for the entertainment. My pleasure. Life is too fucking short to be constrained by expectations.

But after she left I thought, Ye Gods she must think she wandered into an alternate universe. Not that my township is short of eccentrics you understand, you get that in the country. But some of them probably TRY to pretend to be normal. I forget. I must put a sign up on the wall or something to remind me.


  1. We've had many discussions about hipsters. My daughter is so anti-everything that she indeed has become an "insufferable hipster scum." It starts with not wanting to wear anything that is trendy--in effort to be alternative...

    1. Probably just a phase. She's trying to find her own identity. But I'm sure you can bring her down to earth with a bump.

  2. I'm with you on much of the fashion/star gazing things. Honestly I am surprised any time I find something good music wise that was done after the 80s. meh. It amuses me terribly how much "girl" stuff I'm doing for the wedding. I don't do it often but when I do stand back! My mother would have loved for me to be a popular girl but I found them loud obnoxious and almost as deep as a reflecting pool. Not my gig.

    1. But I was popular. I am walking proof that you can be yourself AND be popular. I never have much good to say about my school, but maybe it was a decent bunch of students, at least.

  3. "But some of them probably TRY to pretend to be normal." I do this 8.5 hours a day, 5 days a week. It is doable, it isn't pleasant and sometimes the "notta-so-normal" squeaks through the barrier but all in all? I pull it off and get paid for it. In addition? It can be highly entertaining.