Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sexism and Beyond

It's quite interesting in recent years how the emphasis within feminist circles has switched to the issue of preventing violence against women. In other words, the biggest problem of all seems to be the last nut to be cracked. Shocked? Saddened? It's all part of a much bigger problem. This neat little video covers much of it.

But I want to broaden it out to sexism. This comes in many shapes and sizes, not least homophobia. Yes. It's all part of a bigger issue that comes down to bigotry based on either body parts or gender assigned behaviour. Hatred of women and hatred of homosexuals is far more connected than most people think, and it's probably why you find that women on the whole, are far more supportive of rights for LGBT people than men are.

If you have never considered this, do so now. If your objection to a man's behaviour is that he behaves like a woman, what have you just said? You have said that women are lesser. Don't go trying to wriggle out of it, that's what you've said.

So, let's have a bit of honesty here. Do you think women are lesser? I am aware that some men - AND some women - believe this. I don't agree, and I'll fight the idea to my last breath, but honesty would be a start. Because that's where the problem lies. The idea that women just aren't as good as men.

I've gone into why this is wrong in previous blogs, and I won't repeat myself, what I have to say today is that sexism is an inexcusable bigotry no matter what form it takes, and, like racism, it is wholly illogical.

The difference, unfortunately, is that sexism is supported, encouraged, and justified by religion. Yes, I'm well aware that there are some enlightened religious folk who have managed to avoid it, mainly by having the common sense to understand that their holy books were written a LONG time ago in a very different social structure. But when this bigotry occurs, most of the time, it is based on religious beliefs.

Because if it isn't, what else is it based on?

There is no possible rational reason to be homophobic. Which shouldn't surprise anyone, because phobias are irrational by definition. Oh, but they say, it's not really a phobia. Isn't it? Then what is it? There are plenty of people who think its infectious. They think items can be contaminated by being touched by gay people. They think their kids will catch being gay. This is most definitely an irrational fear.

When it gets to the down and dirty, the homophobe is obsessed with what gay people do in the bedroom. The fact that they would do exactly the same things with their own partner, given the chance, is completely overlooked.

Sometimes you'll hear the "it's unnatural" comment, which again, is completely illogical. Homosexuality is common among the animal kingdom, and unnatural acts like wearing clothes, cooking food, driving cars, and using phones is rife among humans. The "unnatural" argument is quite possibly the silliest one of all.

"It disgusts me" is getting a bit closer to the truth. The idea of having sex with another man is too much for some men to contemplate. But the same man will almost certainly be disgusted at the idea of having sex with his own mother - but you don't see him going around deriding her. So, it's an absurd argument that just because you could not even think of having sex with a person that you have any need or justification in treating them badly.

The only argument that actually follows logic, twisted as it is, is that they find gay men objectionable because they behave like women.

And you've heard them say it. You've heard men referred to as effeminate.

Because you know, real men who fart and belch and growl and leer are so much more attractive.

There is a solution to all of it.

Being an asshole is fully optional. Gender and sexuality isn't. Think about it.

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