Monday, 28 July 2014

The Land of Sowing and Reaping.

I haven't been sleeping well lately, which is unusual for me, I normally sleep like a log. But I try to use the time wisely. Instead of counting sheep or whatever it is other people do, I have been trying to organize thoughts into something I want to write, and it just isn't coming together. I was very glad, therefore, this morning when a friend of mine wrote this:

So, it saved me a lot of work really.

Instead of a beautifully crafted essay then, what you'll get from me are the thoughts that just won't go away.

Firstly, I am tired, just tired, of this whole anti and pro thing. The moment you say anything about the massacre in Gaza, you are suddenly anti-Israel, or even anti-Semitic. But it doesn't end there. Suddenly, also you are pro-Hamas.

Not only is this absurd, it is lazy. It is really not my problem if you are unable to oppose two things at once, or that you can't get your head round that, but I can.

In fact with a bit of effort it is even possible to see several different sides of the story, not just two. This article, another way of looking at it, at least begins to cover the the idea that there are more than two sides:

Secondly, I am sick of being told that other conflicts in the world are as bad or worse. There are many things going on that appall me, but I happen to be talking about this one, as are a lot of other people. And one reason is that this one isn't new and certainly isn't temporary. Although the "latest round" is recent, it's a historical conflict, and that is part of the problem. It has been going on so long, with roots several generations deep, that it cannot be fixed overnight.

Thirdly, I've had it up to here with propaganda. AKA lies. It's as if there are two completely different situations going on.

The problem, of course, is trying to find the truth. Because somewhere between version A and version B is a murky grey truth along the lines of tossed salad and scrambled eggs. Not that this is unusual in any conflict, of course, but with the sheer quantity of information available today, it would be great if somebody with broad knowledge of the situation could at least try to clarify it, but if you go looking for unbaised reports? Good luck. Still, one thing is for sure, as in ALL situations, there are no angels or demons. Anyone who tries to pass off either side as wholly responsible or wholly innocent obviously doesn't get it.

Which leads me to fourthly, and that is how irritating it is to have people trying to educate me on the topic with stupid, simplistic, and again, biased videos. And this nonsense about there never having been a Palestinian state. Have you read the Balfour declaration? Do you know what Zionist REALLY means? Have you used the power of the internet to talk to ordinary people in the affected areas personally? And in particular, have you read reports from all sides, and have you given them an equal chance of credibility?

I don't think it helps anyone or anything for us, outside, to argue over this situation. And I try to avoid doing so. And when I get told to put myself in the position of an Israeli, and try to imagine how it feels, but that same person demanding this of me, when told to put themselves into the position of a person in Gaza, simply avoids that part of the discussion, it's not even worth continuing, because the bias is obvious, and also not logical.

Finally, it has been openly stated by Hamas that their actions towards Israel are in part revenge. And if you think it's bad now, you just wait. The survivors of this massacre are not going to just accept it. They are damaged mentally beyond repair, they will be filled with a hatred you cannot begin to comprehend. It's no use saying that this is wrong. Violence, revenge, hatred, is always wrong, but it always has a reason. See my title.

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