Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Snake Oil

So, having probably pissed an awful lot of young women off by posting this on a Mom's group this morning...

I'd like to have a go specifically at those of you in the metaphysical community who waste money on homeopathic "remedies". First, go here:

So, it doesn't matter that this stuff is water, you say, it contains the essence of the thing.


Let me tell you what else it contains the essence of. Ready?


Every drop of water you drink has been part of the water cycle ( of this planet for billions of years. And quite possible elsewhere prior to that:

In other words, your homeopathic remedy contains, among other things, the essence of the piss of billions upon billions of people and animals.

You can't define what this essence is, because it's a metaphysical concept (and a vague one at that) and therefore I say to you, it has as much essence of piss as it does "remedy" and undoubtably far more. Water is essentially highly diluted urine.

(One reason why our ancestors tended to drink mostly beer.)

But that's just one aspect of this.

The other aspect is the next level of metaphysical. "Why Melanie," you say, "it's simply magic."

OK, let's assume that's correct. Let's assume that people can be cured by supernatural means.

Why do they need a bottle of water for this purpose? If the magic is everywhere, or coming from the healer, or whatever, why do you need to drink something? Think that one through for a moment and hopefully you'll see my point.

I'll tell you what homeopathy IS. It's a multi-million dollar industry. That's industry spelled S-C-A-M.

It is also the roundworld equivalent of headology.

Oh, and before anyone asks if I've tried it, of course I have. I NEVER sound off about things I am ignorant of. "Did it work?" Silly question. NO.

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  1. I have no personal experience of homeopathy and cannot explain it. I just remember this. Once upon a time I happened to overhear a dinner conversation between two MDs who practiced integrative medicine.They used everything, from modern Western to acupuncture to herbs to, yes, homeopathy. They both agreed that the process to find the proper remedy, the one that was just right for that patient at that time, could be lengthy. But once found it was more powerful than anything else. The used this phrase: like turning a key in a lock.