Wednesday, 31 December 2014

It's the end of 2014. I don't do end of year reports looking back, nor do I do resolutions for the year ahead. So Janus, you're redundant mate, sorry.

Nevertheless, today I can't help but notice that yet another year has gone by WOOSH, so I'm rather glad I made the most of it. I tend to cram a lot in. I'm a great believer in:

We're here for a good time
Not a long time
So have a good time
The sun can't shine every day

I have no idea who sang that, sorry. Heard it on the radio.

People really take this stuff seriously, that one year has ended, and the next begun. Ever wondered why January 1st is the start of the year? Seems pretty arbitrary. December 21st might make sense as a choice, but this? Other cultures choose other dates. There's no solid reason for it. Some say it's because the Sun is closest to the Earth at this time, but those who chose the date didn't know that. Here's some information:

Anyway, we chose it, so we celebrate it. Any excuse for a party. Apparently in the US somebody drops his balls, I don't know what that's all about but it's probably the cold weather.

Up here we will party, obviously, because why not, and it certainly looks like that time of year, we have a good covering of snow.....

Something BLOODY WEIRD has happened to me. I've started liking snow. Not in a a "WOO HOO! I must get out there and roll in that white stuff!" kind of way, I leave that to my dogs. But looking out the window at it, it's very serene. And clean. This was unforeseen. It's almost obscene. Know what I mean? I can't think of any more rhyming words, so I'll stop there. My point is that I am fast running out of things to complain about, and I may have to give it up entirely.

You see, apparently as we get older (yes, I am still on the theme of another year) we are supposed to get grumpy. I am seeing it happening to some of my friends (yes, YOU). Grumble, grumble, grumble. But the older I get, the more cheerful I get. I suppose like everything else it can go either way, and - awww will you look at that, the sun just came out. SEE? See what happens when you are positive?

I tell you one thing that will happen in 2015, by hook or by crook (aren't they the same thing?) I am actually going to finish a book and publish it. It may be a cookery book, but we have to start somewhere. I have two books almost finished, one is recipes and associated food stuff. Random thoughts on food, as it were. Lots of "Did you know?" factoids and some cartoons too. The other is a bit more serious and it's about being good. So none of you will read that.

I left some topics out of it deliberately. I didn't want to get too preachy (no, honestly, it sounds like it could be preachy but it isn't) so I didn't say a) Stop being so damn negative, and b) Avoid drama. Because some people seem to enjoy those, and they face the consequences (i.e. nobody wants to talk to them) and cause and effect is a far more powerful teacher than I'll ever be.

So this is my opportunity to nag about those two.

Those of you who DO do this "I'm gonna make some changes in the New Year" thing, and whatever floats your boat, would you do me a favour and try to avoid negativity and drama, just as an experiment? If you find it's really not working for you, then fall off the wagon with my blessing, and I'll try again another time.

But if you notice the benefits, see if you can keep pushing it to the next level. I'm not quite sure what happens exactly if Mercer gets to the top of the mountain, because I didn't finish the book (reference to see if Alex Boxall is reading/paying attention) but maybe he just enjoys the view.

Anyway, my point is, one day you may wake up and suddenly discover you are enjoying the bad weather.

I'm not finished.

You know how big I am on authenticity. You know, be yourself. Be who you are. Be the captain of your soul. How does that gel with "Be positive. Skip the drama" if you are, actually, a grumpy negative drama queen?

I think people can change if they want to. First they have to have a reason to do so. They have to see the benefit. If being whiny works for them (gets them the attention they seek) there's no motivation to be different. If pessimism is easier ("why bother, I won't succeed") and optimism requires more effort, laziness will rule the day. It's how humans are.

If I can look out the window and smile at the snow, anything is possible, so give it your best short.

Happy New Gregorian Calendar Day and I'll raise a glass for you later.


  1. Bwaaahaaahaaaa!! You are coming over the Dark (White) Side!!

    I kept my resolution last year... I resolved to not make any worked!

  2. It's all about choice, really...choosing to make January 1st "the" first day of the year...order...making and end as well as a beginning...the turn of the wheel and the we'd like things to be...including our attitudes and positivity...all a matter of choice. So--since I can choose, and want to choose wisely, why not pick the way that works best?

    Good for you and your book plan. I also have that on my list for this year...publishing. I would like to say I have accomplished that by year end (it may help with my savings plan as well, possibly--unless they get rid of money entirely, of can still hope).

    Cheers to your Happy New Year ~ Enjoy ~ Blessings! :)

  3. Because of some of the things that happened to me this year, I really and truly understand what you mean. I've decided to avoid negativity, although I'm certainly surrounded by it. Counseling helped SO much, I cannot begin to tell you.

    I love snow for the same reason you do, especially the newly fallen stuff. Gorgeous. But then, here in the city, the cars, the dirt, the salt, the yuk. But the new snow is wonderful.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I have not observed that thing about older people getting grumpy, not at all. Maybe for some, in the horrid state between getting tired and before hitting pensionable age. But once those monthly cheques roll in I see a lot of gratitude among my friends and I certainly feel it. Also, most of us stop persuing status, which can be a relief for those who were so inclined.