Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Rebel With A Cause

I said:

"Sorry, what year is it?"

And I posted this link:


Two friends who hold values and opinions that I very much respect had no sympathy with this volunteer.

This is why they are wrong.

Yes, there was a dress code. Yes, the girl knew it and was silly to expect the rule to be bent for her. Yes, her family may well be after the publicity. And good for them. Even if they are the biggest dickwads out there, they are doing a good thing.

And many of the suffragettes were loud-mouthed bitches. Truly obnoxious women.

If people seek change they probably won't achieve it by being quiet and retiring.

Dress codes that require women to wear skirts are long overdue to be changed. It's 2014, not 1914, and look what it took to get skirts accepted generally then, a war. Stupid rules about clothing, like stupid rules about anything, don't go away on their own, they require advocates, publicity, and protests. Sometimes they require horrible people fighting it for all the wrong reasons, but the bigger picture is what counts.

It's no secret that I led a rebellion against a dress code in my school, we won, and it stuck for decades. So, I am probably biased, because I'm proud of what I did. It's no secret that I think dress codes a have VERY limited place in society. It's no secret that I oppose the concept of "modesty" in dress because it's is ABSOLUTELY RELATIVE. It's no secret that my idea of underdressed, is minus skin.

Do I like to shock for the sake of it? Actually, no. There has to be a point. Have I threatened to march naked to Ottawa to protest? Yes, and I'd do it. For the right cause. So I could also be called an extremist in these matters.

But sometimes you need extremists to find a middle way.

Remember, the skirt is a fashion. Men used to wear them, and still do in some places. Nowhere is it written in stone that men wear trousers and women wear skirts. Not even in the Bible. No. The religious excuse is meaningless. The modesty excuse is meaningless.

It's an arbitrary rule based on fashion.

It's old-fashioned, stupid, and it's time it ended.

And if it takes a silly girl to highlight that, good. Emily Pankhurst would be proud of her.

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  1. Get enough of those female types to wear skirts with unshaved legs, and may be things will change then? Things we do in the name of 'propriety' sometimes make me cringe. --And they cannot see it as sexual harassment in anyway? :/ ~ Blessings!:)