Monday, 4 February 2013


Imagine you had a bad cough, and I said I had a remedy that cost nothing, had no side effects, and would really help with your cough. Would you take it? In fact, you already have some of it at home, and you know about it - you had just forgotten. 

I am the person who reminds you that a positive attitide is a remedy for all sort of bad feelings that you have. But in particular today I want to help you shake off that bad cough resentment.

See, it's not that you are unjustified in your resentment. No, not at all. You were wronged, you are continuing to be wronged, it's not fair, and I can't make it fair.

But by clinging to your resentment you are suffering more than you need to be.

Perhaps it's a little easier to take a spoonful of cough medicine than to get the resentment monkey off your back, but that's the remedy.


  1. I have taken my medicine every time my unicorn asks me if I was to die today would it be OK and I answer yes....

    It's not a apple a day that keeps the doctor away

  2. Aw, mean I can't just push this off on somebody else or take some magic pill to make it all better already? :P

    Yes, change for the better is up to us to make--thank Goodness! :D ~ Blessings!

  3. But I am comfortable in my negativity. :)