Monday, 11 March 2013

It Was A Really Bad Idea

So, you know (or you live in a cave under a volcano) that I've been doing some online courses. Let's not pretend that prior to that I was a complete doofus, because I wasn't, and false modesty is revolting, but it's the first formal education I've done in over 30 years. And I'm enjoying it. And I'm doing well. And so on. Fine.

So, it's had a funny effect on me. Most of which is pleasure, but some of which has really shaken up my attitude.

Two things. OR one thing in two ways. Neither of which are right, or pretty, or anything, they just are.

I have completely lost all patience with two groups of people.

Those who are stupid in my sense of the word (i.e. ignorant with intent).

Those who sneer down their noses at the uneducated.

I meet the first group all over the place. I want to hurt them.

I meet the second group mostly among my fellow online students, but not only there. They are a minority but they repluse me. They cause a deep nausea.

These are two extremes of wasting the brain one was born with.

I am so done with both groups that I could almost accept poisoning them. But that makes me as bad as them so I will find a way to kill them slowly and leave no trace.


  1. Actually, I am kind of one to sneer at intellectuals, but I hide it behind plenty of verbiage, so it sounds like self abasement.

  2. I know an undetectable poison.