Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Whole Wide World

If you look at the little map thingy down there on the right, you'll notice I'm getting views from some far flung places. Two of them are friends who live in Asia, but the rest? No idea. Don't even know if they are bots or real readers, but it's fun. Some visitors don't even show on the map, but do on my stats (and vice versa). All in all, I have an international audience.

My initial purpose from this blog was to have a place to do brain dumps, with the intent that anyone I know could read them. I could at that point have locked it down so that random visitors couldn't read it, but decided not to. When I post it at Facebook, many of my friends there read it, who do not have Blogger accounts, and I wanted them to be able to.

There's a self-imposed restriction here. I have to watch what I say a bit, because I never know who's reading. I think this is good for me.

However, among my friends are people who need more security online, and cannot be so open. These include people who were part of my circle at Multiply, some of whom I knew before that. Multiply had great controls with regard to privacy and up until now we've not found anything to replace it. If you apply too much control here, nobody can read it, we've tested it out. Not much point blogging to yourself.

And sometimes it feels like I am. That probably sounds a bit attention-seeking, but I think (hope) you know me better than that. The last thing I want is people responding to my blogs with high fives as a sort of etiquette thing. No. Unless you are inspired to write, please, don't worry.

But I miss the banter at Multiply. I miss the long complex discussions we had, sometimes putting the world to  rights and sometimes being incredibly silly.

So, I'm trying out Bebo. Not instead of a blog, but in addition to. For banter purposes.

But I need your help.

I can't test it out unless a have a couple of friends there.

Does anyone already have a Bebo account? You'll find me there as Chovhani, with a Cat in the Hat avatar. It may be a load of rubbish but there's only one way to find out.


  1. I'll create an account and we'll give it a go.

    1. Connecting it to your Facebook account is optional. I've eschewed that one, as it sort of defeats the object here.

  2. I'm on - used my full REAL name and wickedemerald is the user name.

  3. I'll go see if I can find it... though I don't understand what the issue with our little communities at Google+ is.. they seem locked down to me.

  4. NO. I can barely keep up as it is. I love you dearly, you know that, and respect your intelligence. However... I am not as fast or energetic as you are and I do need a life away from the computer.