Saturday, 9 March 2013

Spring Cleaning - Part One

It's March Break next week, so Michael will be home, and I confess I take full advantage of him. He's a Virgo. They are ever so slightly OCD, but not in a harmful way, it's useful. Just naturally tidy, with an urge to clean and organize. I mean, how boys of almost 17 do you know who keep their room clean and tidy without having to be asked? His personal hygiene is best described as metrosexual, he does his laundry separately to keep his whites bright, and he dons an apron when cooking. He's a bit odd really, but he's great around the house.

We will be painting most of the house this year, due to Sian's wedding being here in September, but right now I just want to clean and tidy at a deeper level than usual. So I'm planning a bit in preparation. Thought I'd share, if nothing else I have my plans here to edit/print out, but it might entertain somebody. While I was cleaning up this morning I noticed a few things that we must do.

Main floor plans today.


Sort the damn cupboards out. Can't find anything lately.
Lower level:
Cupboard 1 (Next to fridge) Mixing/prep bowls. Nothing else. 
Cupboard 2 (Corner) Large bowls, strainers, large jugs, giant saucepans.
Cupboard 3 (Next to stove) Saucepans, frying pans, and lids.
Cupboard 4 (Under sink) Bins. Needs cleaning really really well.
Cupboard 5 (End) Baking/serving dishes.
Drawer 1: Cloths
Drawer 2: Prep tools.
Drawer 3: Cutlery
Drawer 4: Cloths
Upper level:
Cupboard 1 (Over Fridge) Needs total re-think. Dangerous things. Matches.
Cupboard 2 (Baking cupboard) All baking stuff, measuring stuff, and NOTHING ELSE.
Cupboard 3 (Corner) Mugs, butter, tea, coffee, teapots, gravy boats.
Cupboard 4 (Over stove) Needs total re-think. Dangerous things. Animal stuff.
Cupboard 5 (Spice cupboard) Complete clean out.
Cupboard 6 (End) Plates, bowls, glasses. No junk.

While they are empty, clean them inside and out. Also clean off top of fridge.

Wash lights. Eww. Fly poop.
Clean cooker hood.

Empty pantry. Yes, empty it. Clean the shelves. Put it back in a more sensible manner.

Clean window and surround, all black gunk to be gone. Put curtain in laundry.

Pull fridge and stove out, vacuum and clean behind them.

Dining Room

Pull furniture and small fridge out, vacuum and clean under/behind it.
Empty, clean, and re-organize bar cart. Organize all drawers.
Wash dining chairs.
Wash lights. Eww. Fly poop.
Clean window and surround, all black gunk to be gone. Put curtain in laundry.

Living Room

Pull all furniture out, vacuum and clean under/behind it.
Clean windows and surrounds, all black gunk to be gone. Put curtains in laundry.
Organize all drawers.


Empty bookshelves, and clean them.
Re-organize books (MICHAEL) according to library system.
Clean window and surround, all black gunk to be gone.

Downstairs Bathroom

Empty it.
Clean it.
Put it back.
Wash lights. Eww. Fly poop.
Clean mirror.


  1. I really wish I had a Michael and a week off to do that stuff. My house is going to hell in a handbasket.. making me crazy. I was cleaning a bathroom at 11pm one night last week.. WTF???

    I have a list in my head of all the things I want done/cleaned/organized... but the weekend comes and I spend half of one day doing groceries, the rest of that day doing laundry... then half of hte next day cleaning up the basic shit.. and doing more laundry.. then it's back to work again..

    1. I delegate. You want to eat? You help clean. Simple contract, and there are no exceptions.

    2. I think a better solution at this point is for Mallory to move out.. we are at loggerheads constantly now.. I just want my house back.

    3. Yeah, I can well imagine. I don't understand her problem with helping out.

  2. I have a question...... why do you keep your gravy boats in the cupboard that appears to be for hot drink stuff? I see it says gravy boats, plural. You have more than one? Do you actually use them?

    Ops, that was 3 questions.

    1. Perfectly resonable questions! I cannot tell you why gravy boats reside there, they just always have. I have to put them somewhere, and they go....there. Yes. I have three, different sizes. They are only occasionally used for gravy. but we have a lot of other sauces, cheese, bearnaise, thai chili, you name it. I am not keen on dry food.

  3. Ahem... I'm a Virgo and I resemble your reference to Virgos and OCD. That's CDO... the preferred (alphabetical) spelling. *winks*

    Now that the weather is getting warmer and my body hates me less and less, it's just about time to continue the Great Purge of 2012/2013. Still trying to wash that man outta my hair, if ya know what I mean. And the eldest still has things in her room. *twitch*

    1. The weirdest thing happened there Paula. Your comment came to as "awaiting moderation". I don't have my settings on for moderation.....