Monday, 28 October 2013

Black Cats

Just a quick one. Friends know I take a dim view of superstition, especially modern superstition, but I have no time for any of it.

This one is particularly vile because it can cause harm to animals.

It is also patently absurd, because it's backwards depending on where you live.

I was informed just this week by several intelligent, educated North Americans that they were unaware that...

Black Cats are considered GOOD luck in Britain, and other places.

Wikipedia offers a theory as to how Americans got it twisted:

As it's obviously ridiculous that an animal can be both good luck and bad luck, this should be the very first superstition you throw out, but do me a favour and throw them all out while you're at it.

Gratuitous 1970s music.

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  1. I have a black cat. He is kind of an asshole, but only in the normal way that male cats are assholes. He is also really cute (and that is what saves him most of the time.)