Sunday, 3 November 2013

In My Own Little World

A friend referred to Katy Perry on FB this morning, the details are not important, and I replied:

I live in a Katy Perry free world. I see/hear her name quite often, but I don't know what she looks like let alone what she sings. In fact I only know she sings because you just said so.

And this is the truth. One of many celebrities who I have heard of, but all I know about them is that they are celebrities.

Sometimes, when I say things like this, people suggest I am out of touch. Matter of opinion.

But the real question, the sensible question is HOW I stay so uninformed.

I'm not cut off from the outside world. I am busy online socially, but I'm selective. I don't have a TV service - the only TV I get to see is on You Tube, so first of all I see no commercials, and I choose what I watch.

I don't buy magazines, or even newspapers.

If I listen to the radio, which is rare, I listen to classic rock stations, so all I hear is classic rock. To hear other music I watch videos recommended by friends. In this way I hear music that isn't classic rock, but frequently isn't mainstream either. I usually discover highly popular dance music 5 years after it comes out, at a party or something. I still haven't heard Gangnam Style. I know it exists but have no need to hear it, so until somebody plays it at a party, I remain unfamiliar.

My kids keep me up to date on things I need to stay up to date on. So I don't miss out on worthy new things. They have fairly good taste (with a few exceptions on Michael's playlist, I really cannot abide screaming cavemen), I'm quite lucky there.

There is nothing "clever" about dismissing pop culture, I just don't have time for it, don't find it important, don't have any need for it. With the exception of jewellery (I daresay I know more about trends there than you do, not that I follow it but it's useful to know) I have zero interest in fashion. I assume that if something is available in a shop then it must be reasonably "in" so I don't end up looking ridiculous, but I tend to create my own style anyway.

My phone is two years old and I will replace it when it stops working. I only use it for texts and business notifications anyway. I hate talking on the phone. I don't need more updated technology.

I still read books made from paper, I don't own a Kindle. I did download the PC version so that I could download or even buy specific publications only available in electronic format, but I don't enjoy reading from a screen. I do it if I have to, but it isn't the same experience at all.

These are my choices, because I know what I like and what I don't like. I don't have any need to be like other people. I don't have any urge to conform. If people don't like me, they can go and like somebody else.

Above all, I will not spend money or time on items or activities I don't enjoy, just to "join in". I equate it to eating tasteless food just to fill a belly.

This is me. I'm not unpleasant. I'm honest and I try to be kind. I laugh readily and I enjoy life. If you need more than that, probably best look elsewhere.