Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sheer, Utter Hypocrisy

Take a look at this:


You've seen similar before, I'm sure. The comments offer a few possible explanations, poverty, mental illness, a desire to shock, and so on. There are others. So if you laugh, you should feel totally ashamed of yourself.

No, I fully agree, these are not wise clothing choices, but it doesn't hurt you, so why would you make fun of these people? That's called being a bully and it's unkind.

However, I won't think any less of you if you do react negatively to the photos. It's a rather normal thing to do. We are often surprised by really unusual things. We stare. We judge. We're human. Deep inside all of us is a 5-year-old child, after all, and they WILL shout "THAT MAN LOOKS FUNNY!" Because he does.

No, I'm not really as cross with you as I just made out to be, but I have a reason for approaching it this way.

The reason I'm sharing this at all is because of who just brought it to my attention. Somebody who is lightning fast at accusing others of judging. Somebody who will frequently be the stirrer in a broad discussion by coming in with an extreme and strict left-wing view, that's not even fully on-topic. Somebody who thinks that the political statements he makes are always, without exception, more important than the feelings of others. Somebody who, while being very fast to offer his own unsolicited opinion, is ready to pull apart the opinions of others without a second thought, based on (he claims) fairness. Self-proclaimed righteousness.

Apparently it's OK if he has a poke at these people. When challenged he justified it with the "fact" that these folk have "no self respect."

Because, you know, having no self respect is far worse than being a fucking hypocrite.

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  1. Some of those actually made me sad... some I'm a little confused by.. and some.. well.. I think they were staged.. had to be. Still can't figure out the girl with no pants though.. maybe photoshopped?